Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wonderland Costume Round Up: Looking to Buy Non Naked WONDERLAND costumes

Okay, here's the 2nd part to the costume round up I just posted - this is the results of my search for the best NON NAKED costumes that you can buy online or in stores - and this time I took on the Wonderland theme. Again, take my recs with a grain of salt, I haven't purchased from most of these companies so proceed with caution. But these all look pretty good - click on the price for better photos:

How about this for a Hatter? She's billed as a "Pretty Miss Patty" but tuck a little card in the brim of the hat (in this style...) and POOF! You're a non-slutty but still stylish Ms. Mad Hatter. This is listed at $84.99, at Costume Express, and the hat is not included (drat), but the pants, coat, bowtie and sash are.

This Goldilocks looks a lot like Alice, and she's on clearance at Costume Express for the phenomenol price of $18.99!

This one seems a bit overpriced (and possibly uncomfortable) but it's unique and a slightly different way to fit the Wonderland theme:

Teapot! This costume is listed for a whopping $136.99 at Buy Costumes.

Don't forget all the possibilities with being playing cards! Lots of options - here's a King of Hearts:

$28.99 at Buy Costumes - there's a cheaper version as well for a few bucks less.

This one makes a little more sense (the royalty weren't actual cards in the books/movie, they were people. The non-face cards were cards - the spades were workers, clubs were army/enforcers, diamonds the upper crust and I don't remember about hearts. So here's one of the spades for just $18.49 from Anderson's Giant Party Store - which I ordered decorations from this year and had a good experience with. You could wear whatever you want underneath.

They also have the Ace of Diamonds for $18.49 and a few others.

Now these next few are SHOWN as slutty, but could just as easily be done in a tasteful manner by substituting a dress or shirt & pants for the leotards. How about the doormouse:

Everyone's favorite drunken tea party guest - this kit of glittery ears & tail (& bowtie)is $9.95 at Costume Craze.

They have a similar white bunny set:

You could pair it with your own clothes - anything from sweats to a suit - to be the March Hare (another tea party guest) or white rabbit. $9.95 at Costume Craze. Or check out a cat set to be Dinah or Snowball - just ears, tail, draw on some whiskers and make your own collar with a tag to really hit the point home.

If you prefer a full bunny suit, here's one of the best prices I've seen:

$79.95 at Costume Craze, and I'm guessing you could easily remove that garish vest - maybe even flip it over if the back looks better for more of a dapper white rabbit.

This Arwen (Lord of the Rings) dress could easily work for the White Queen

Throw on a crown and a white wig/hairspray. $37.99 at Costume Craze.

And here's a great dress you could use for the Red Queen:

This full length gown is on clearance at JC Penny for $69.99 - and since it's a real dress, it's probably made better than most costumes.

And speaking of "regular" clothese turned costume, how about this dress for the Cheshire Cat?

$29.00 on eCrater, size 8 (maybe avail in other sizes).
I see it with purple gloves, ears, and a tail, and maybe a purple boa too.

Here are some ready to wear flower headbands:

Pair with your own green clothes, or continue the "bloom" with a flouncy pink or yellow dress. $8.00 at Costume Shop.

Feeling inspired yet? C'mon, it's not that hard, once you start looking, ANYTHING can be a costume!

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