Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NON-Wonderland Costume Round Up: looking to buy NON NAKED costumes!

My cousin Mindy made a comment today that she was depressed in her Wonderland costume search, finding mostly just "slutty Alice." If you're in that same boat, looking for a NOT naked costume, something to buy as opposed to make (yeah, I understand not everyone can devote their life to crafting, and honestly, it can often be CHEAPER to buy than making costumes a lot of the time - fabric is EXPENSIVE!) then this costume round up is for you! Here's my survey of fun, full-coverage costumes at national shops and websites this year - starting with non-Wonderland characters.

First I should say I'm doing a search here, not an endorsement - I haven't ordered from this site, so I can't give first hand experience, and you should always proceed with some caution when buying online. This is the right time to be ordering costumes though - most sites have their full stock in, and with a month before the big day you can choose the cheapest shipping and still probably be covered. So here are some fun options to consider from Costume Express - sorry about the little photos, click on the site links to see big ones:

Super Grover! OMG, how fun is this? Who else had the little golden book where Grover tries to keep you from turning the page? This guy is at Costume Express, at $99 its a higher end costume, but it is officially licensed and you wouldn't need to spend a ton on accessories, this is all you need.

Mary Poppins! This ladie's plus size costume is actually on clearance right now at Costume Express for $39.99. The costume even includes the bag, which to me doesn't look anything like Mary's giant carpet bag, but it's a fairly complete costume at a really nice price, and definitely offers full coverage.

Mother GOOSE! OMG, this is adorable. This is another plus sized costume that is on CLEARANCE for just $34.99 at Costume Express! That's a great deal, and includes the goose purse. I'm tempted to pick it up for a possible fractured fairy tale party down the road...

GUMBY! This is a cool "new for 2009" costume that is listed at $54.99 at Costume Express. Check out the hands - there are little flaps in the "mits" so you can access your fingers - SMART!

Jabba the Hut is an inflatable costume - gotta love technology - powered by a battery-operated fan. Anyone of "our generation" will appreciate a Star Wars reference - and for a great couple idea, chain yourself to Princess Leia! $69.99 at Costume Express.

I have to admit it, I'm a werewolf snob. In movies, I'll suspend my disbelief far enough to accept vampires and weres exist, but if the special effects and costumes are cheesy, I'm lost to the rest of the film (unless it's totally cheese-tastic, like TEENWOLF - that's a classic). But here's a werewolf costume that includes mask, hands, and a tattered flannel shirt, and I think it looks pretty decent! $44.99 at Costume Express.

Here's another one that I thought of buying for the fractured fairy tale/nursery rhyme party I'll have some day - the fork & spoon (like in Hey Diddle Diddle)! This SET of costumes is just $36.99 for BOTH at Costume Express.

Here's a different take on Marilyn Monroe - her "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" look - this seems like a great deal at just $29.99 @ Costume Express - diamonds not included :)

This onion costume makes me laugh. I'm not sure why, but I find it adorable. $99.99 at Costume Express.

It must be getting close to lunch time when I'm drawn to all these food-centered costumes - but Grimace sure is cute! $99.99 at Costume Express, but he's oficially licensed, and would be perfect with:

Hamburglar is only $69.99 at Costume Express, what a fun duo that would make. Maybe they could wage war on the Burger King and Dairy Queen.

Hope that gives you a few ideas of what NON-slutty costumes are out there to purchase this season!

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