Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Surprises Abound

My husband has never been good at giving gifts. He lacks imagination. Or maybe just confidence. It's not so much that he gets me BAD gifts, he just doesn't usually want to take a leap as far as coming up with something, and would rather just buy something I'm already admiring and call it a gift. "You like that dress you're trying on? I'll buy it for your birthday." I'm complaining I need a haircut? He'll pay for it for my birthday...Nice enough, but I need a little surprise in my life :) So I've dogged him for years about his gift giving style.

Guess I can't do that anymore.

Who taught my hubby how to impress me all of a sudden?!?!?

It started with Christmas. I got a "stocking" full of little goodies that showed impressive attention to detail - the exact brand of pens I like (Uniball), the kind of shampoo I use (Pink Herbal Essence), caffeine-free fancy root beer (since I was on the caffeine wagon at that time), all of my favorite candies (Gummy Bears in the GOLD package, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids), the GLEE soundtrack - it was really sweet.

And it continued.

On the Eve of my B-day, he insisted I open my first present. He wrapped them himself, I wish I would have taken pictures. It was something I've wanted for a LONG time:

Yay! He wasn't good at hiding what this one was (he asked me for the garage door manual for "no reason" the week before), but I wanted it so much I didn't bust him until I opened it :) We only got one remote with our garage door opener - in fact, we've only gotten one remote the past 3 places we lived, so when we bought our house I let hubby have the remote this time, assuming I'd go out and get another one right away. Two years later, I still hadn't gotten around to finding the right kind - but the hubby did! We programmed it right away, and the next morning I got to just push a button and hop in my car, without having to go through my normal cycle of: pull out, stop, get out again, dial in the code, shut the garage door, and get back into my car. Such luxury!

But he wasn't done #2 was a COMPLETE surprise:

A metallic green ipod nano! Can you believe I've never had an MP3 player of any kind? I'm so excited! I haven't really figured out how to use it yet, but I know the high school kids I coach can teach me. I love the color, which he remembered from a long ago conversation, and even though he thought I should get a Touch, he paid attention during the Amazon shopping spree conversations and went with the Nano that I wanted. Yay hubs!

So I was having a pretty happy birthday, more than content with my gifts, and excited for dinner. That went well, and we headed over to Mr & Mrs. A's house for a "casual gathering of friends to ring in the New Year." We arrived exactly on time, I was feeling cute in my new outfit, if a little full, and all of a sudden what happens next? Everyone shouts "surprise!" and I see my Mom. And Dad. Brother. Friends.

What just happened?!?!?!

Last minute 2009 check off the bucketlist: item #31: Get a surprise party - HOLY COW YOU GUYS!

I was presented with the special pink "Birthday Princess" hat. It was customized for the occasion:

"ages 3+" became "30+". I think I wore it well :)

That's Mother & Father Craftastic, Me, and Little Brother. We had more food, drinks, my first exposure to "Rock Band" (I won't show anyone those photos, but rest assured, I have some! And we all look as silly as you'd imagine :) I'm a little sorry I didn't get any video), in-depth conversations about vampires and resolutions, and a countdown with a champagne toast. Tah dah. Welcome to 2010, Welcome to 30.

I'm only mildly concerned at how good all of my friends and family apparently are at lying to me (they all had back stories...some fairly elaborate even!), but I'm majorly and completely impressed that THE WHOLE THING WAS HUBBY'S IDEA!?!?! Mrs. A said he had emailed her MONTHS ago floating the idea, and actually originally wanted to do it at OUR HOUSE. Mrs. A knew that I would certainly skin him alive if he had a party in my messy house without me knowing about it first (and he couldn't clean without arousing suspicion, since that would have been TOTALLY out of the ordinary), so she graciously stepped up to save the day and host :) I am so appreciative for my wonderful family and friends, you all went so far above and beyond to make this a great B-day, I can't thank you all enough!

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