Monday, September 28, 2009

Royal beginnings...

I'm always torn between keeping surprises and sharing every little detail of what I'm working on here...I waffle some, but in general, I'm finding that sharing helps build the excitement and people will still be excited to see everything come together in the end anyways.

So here's the start of pretty big project - my costume! As you'll recall, I'm planning to host as The Queen of Hearts, perpetually pissed off and blood thirsty as she is - I thought it was a fitting and fun character to create. My best bud and professional costumer Ryan (the mastermind of our amazing mermaid parade costumes) will be heading into town in a few weeks and has vowed to help me out, so I want to be as prepared as possible to take advantage of his skills!

I picked up Butterick pattern 4732 because of the long formal coat. It looks fairly simple to make, and my plan is to alter it slightly to include a huge heart shaped stand up collar, like something Queen Elizabeth would wear - something that feels like this:

How amazing would that be?!?!? It's dramatic and a little scary, and definitely makes a statement.

I'll share my fabric choices once I get a picture of them - sticking in a red & black dark & twisted theme, and I'm currently planning to wear a black overbust corset and long black mermaid style skirt under neath. I'm also working on a crown to complete the outfit. What do you think? Fit for a queen?

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Anonymous said...

Stunning!! I cannot wait to see the final outcome!! Soo excited for your party!! All you posts with Halloween costumes makes me wish I would have been more creative and dresses up for the theme. Next year for sure! It will be here before you know