Thursday, September 24, 2009

Two more mosaics...

Since I got so many Halloween projects done last night, I "treated" myself to a little more mosaic time. First I did a medium sized mirror, and I think it turned out really nice:

And then I figured I'd crank out one more frame, and all the new colors of glass I picked up just screamed for a rainbow theme:

So fun! I can't wait to get all of these grouted and see what the final projects look like.

And speaking of mosaics, I signed up for a 2nd craft fair today, so I'm really under the gun now! November 14th and December 5-6, assuming I get accepted into them both. Let's hope it all goes well and I end up with some holiday cash :) I spent my lunch hour prowling the Goodwill for shelves and stands to set up my booth for these craft fairs. I picked up a little shelf, and this wire rack that I think was a CD holder, but is also a space-saving mosaic shelf!

I'm anticipating having more inventory than I can display actually set up, so this is a good option to display them closer together, yet still out for people to paw through.

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