Friday, July 24, 2009

This weekend: Bridesmaid Dress Alterations!

Here is the dress I ordered for my wonderful friend's wedding in just over a month, though shown on a woman-child less than half my size. Mine is in Mediterranean (slightly darker/greener) and will have the spaghetti straps intact. I feel like the rusching on the bodice looks more even and "striped" in person, not quite the bunched texture on the ad, but it's very comfortable and feels well made. My project this weekend is to determine if my mother can make the necessary alterations, or if I need to take it in somewhere - fast! Barbie couldn't fill this top out - I considered stuffing, but I could fit a Christmas ham in there. Better to seek alterations than risk anything falling out at inopportune times. Especially considering the reception features a polka band!

My friend is the coolest bride imaginable. Rather than dress her 4 attendants in matching outfits which flatter only one or none of us, she sent us out into the world with only the instructions to find a dress "in some shade of blue, and not floor length."


This means that each of us, with our widely varied body shapes and skin tones, picked a dress that made us feel pretty and confident and comfortable. She's also letting us determine our own hair, makeup, jewelry, and shoes - which is such a thoughtful way to make your wedding party feel at ease. Instead of being bound to a certain payment, we can each set our own budget according to our needs and preferences. I found my shoes for the ceremony

on ebay for under $30, and plan to wear a necklace I already have. I am getting my hair and makeup done because that greatly reduces my stress - and my hair doesn't like to play along, so professional help is well worth it. Then I'll switch to some cheap flats for the polka party (I'm hardly graceful enough to walk in these 4" suckers, let alone polka. But I'm intent on looking statuesque and if nothing else, it'll force me to walk slower down the aisle).

I did a similar set up for my wedding, though on a smaller scale - I had just 2 attendants, this bride-to-be was my Maid of Honor, and lil' sis was my bridesmaid. Lil' sis actually picked her dress first, we just set out to find something knee/tea length and blue. She picked a royal blue Alfred Angelo, and the MoH decided to get separates from same designer in the same fabric. They looked stunning! I really think it makes so much more sense to let your wedding party have a say in the expensive apparel they have to buy for your wedding, and having been on both sides of it now, I think it makes you feel a lot more special and involved in the process when you have a voice in the matter.

Now if only I can master these heels!

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Anonymous said...

I love that dress-great choice! Good luck with them heels : )