Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mad World...

Another project I tackled last night - the 3D letters for my Mad Tea Party scene. I had painted these white assuming they'd automatically glow under black light, but apparently not everything white reacts that way. The craft paint glowed in a strange light pink, but it was hardly bright enough to see. I searched the aisles of Michael's for a glow in the dark paint and found little luck - one was out of stock, of two others I found (all tiny little bottles) I went with the Tulip brand Glow Paint:

I'm not sure if this is meant to be fabric paint (I didn't read the label that closely) but the bottle is the same as their fabric paint line - the paint is a bit runnier though. I ran a line down each leg of the front of a test letter, spread it with a paint brush, and let it dry. Then I took it down to the black light for a test:

Success! It's a fuzzy blotchy glow, but much brighter than the craft paint was and it'll work just fine for my needs. I finished up painting the rest of the letters, and hung the same plastic tab hangers on the back, so these words are ready to go up on the walls!

I also started unpacking and sorting out the Halloween decor I already had, and came across these skeletons from the Dollar Tree a few years back. They were supposed to glow in the dark but never really did. Hmmm, wonder how they work under the black light?

I have most of the glow paint left too, since it was thin it didn't take much to cover the letters so I might have a few more projects to make with it. It seems to be coming together!

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