Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Party City Review, I really mean the store...

I ran some errands last night which included a stop at Party City - they didn't have what I was looking for, and were confused and snotty when I asked if they could order it (hey, other stores do that all the time - I'm not a crazy person for asking), but as much as I've had bad customer service and hate their return policies (lack of mostly...or arbitrary...) I had to admit they had some cute stuff, it's easy to access, and they have a decent array of options.

My one caveat: if you're going to go, go SOON. In even a week it will transform into a snarling seething mess of humanity, children screaming and grabbing and snotting on costumes, teens trying to look as skanky as possible, jack asses opening packages and contaminating wigs & makeup, basically an old fashion cluster f!@#.

But as of last night, my local Party City was still pristine - and fully stocked.
There were also some great wonderland-themed costume ideas to be found:

Door Mouse - I am in love with this accessory pack with ears on a headband, matching tail, bow tie, and A NOSE THAT MAKES MOUSE NOISES WHEN YOU PRESS IT! I did it a thousand times. It was adorable. I seriously considered making my husband wear it, just so I could repeatedly punch him in the nose all night. It even looked reasonably comfortable - it was fabric, not sweaty plastic. I think it was around $9.99 - and you could pair it with whatever main clothes you wanted, from sweats to dresses.

They had the same set for a pig! Do you remember the pig in the book? Alice comes into the home of the Duchess, who is rocking a baby and dumping pepper on it. The baby keeps sneezing from the pepper, and she keeps beating the baby whenever it sneezes - so, buy this set, wrap yourself in a blanket, carry a jar of pepper - gazhundheit!

And one more, since I love this set (IT MAKES NOISE! THAT'S JUST TOO CUTE!) There's a also a cat - you can be Dinah :)

Cheshire Cat - in the mask aisle there was a great shiny pink cat mask that would be perfect, I think it was under $6. I'm bummed I can't find it on their website. There were lots of other cat masks as well. Here's one that is on their website for $7 that could be part of a fun Cheshire.

Big gold king crowns with nice foam padding that looks like you could tolerate it for a night - I swear these were under $6 (I did a double take - though they say $8 on the website, so I could be wrong) and would be perfect for a King of Hearts, Red King, or White King. Or even Queens. Or make a King of Diamonds, Clubs, or Spades. Break the rules, get down with your bad self. Okay, moving on...

Here's a different take on the White Rabbit, it's a fuzzy hood with ears attached. Says it's kid sized, but who knows what that means. Under $10 and includes the nose piece (which I'm not crazy about)

I didn't notice this in the store, but it caught my eye on the website and I'm awed - they're just $4! How about making a stylish gold dodo bird costume? You'd be my hero...

That's just what caught my eye, they also have all the old stand by skanky costumes, tons of wigs, some great beards, mustaches, and eyelashes (I scooped up some with red jewels for my own costume) and a million other accessories. Be aware that nearly all of it is NON RETURNABLE, so buy at your own risk.

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