Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wonderland Costume Round Up: Cheshire Cat!

This is one Wonderland character that DEFINITELY lends itself towards the easily "creepified," the snarky-trouble-making-partially-disappearing Cheshire Cat.

You'll remember I got a virtual Cheshire makeover into this guy for my invitations:

But if you'd like to become the Cheshire Cat in ACTUAL reality, this one's for you! First, here's the Disney version, since that is the idea that sticks in most people's minds. In the book there's no mention of the pink & purple color scheme, but that really has come to symbolize the character in most people's minds:

Here's a stage production that used the same sort of costuming as CATS the musical:

Something about this next one throws me off, but it's a good example of a home made costume - find striped items, or create them yourself:

Or forget the stripes and just layer pink and purple items, throw on some ears, and here you are:
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This person seems to have DIY-d a few easy pieces out of striped fabric - shorts, tail, boot covers & ears. Even if you have very remedial sewing skills, you could do this:

A slightly more anime/comic book convention take on CC:

And a high fashion/coture version-love this! I always love costumes that are imagined as ball gowns.

I think the costume shops missed the mark on their version of the Cheshire Cat, he looks more like Tigger with a rash and a bad rug:

And of course, their skanky version (to each their own! If I could pull off costumes like this, I'd probably have a different opinion of them. But I wouldn't subject you to that).

LOVE this Cheshire cat wig - from a higher end cosplay site:

Since the cheshire cat appears and disappears, you could also do a costume where you were in all black and just had the striped tail or ears or nose & grin.

A little face paint & fake eyelashes also go a long way - check out this creepy child:

This guy is my favorite, though he's animated I think it would be easy enough to realize. I love the emo/punk feel, it's a whole different attitude than the others:

This is actually just a fraction of what Google Search has out there for "cheshire cat costume," but hopefully you feel inspired...


awesomevegan said...

Thank you! I am thinking of doing a cheshire cat costume this year but I haven't found anything pink and purple striped to wear! Idk if it will happen this year. I don't have much in the way of sewing skills or time to complete in to wear this year. I like the idea of using my hair to create the ears (like in the ballgown picture) Other than that I am a bit stumped! Makeup would be fun though.

HildeKitten said...


You have used one of my photos (I can't remember whether I did or did not give conscent) and it would be nice to at least get credited when my _copyrighted_ material is being used.
So could you please sort that out at the least?
Cheers :)
It's this photo:

Hilde said...

Hey! I absolutely adore that wig, do you know the name of the cosplay shop?

Anonymous said...

the cosplay wig is from heart no kuni no alice or alice in the country of hearts, its an anime, if you like the cheshire you should look that manga up, because cheshire in there is soooo great!