Thursday, September 24, 2009

Have you ever seen an Alice with a bloom like that?

I also started on my Wonderland flowers last night! I currently have three giant gerbera daisies sitting on top of my china cabinet, and I wanted to work them into the anthropomorphic singing garden Alice encounters on her journey. But I also didn't want to permanently alter them, or wreck them - they were spendy. So tonight I experimented with a minimally destructive method and it worked swimmingly!

I got huge google eyes from a craft store, and used duct tape to tape an ordinary sewing pin to the back as shown here:

The pin then only made a tiny hole in the foam center of the flowers, but held the eyes in place nicely. It will be simple to finish two more of these, and then I have some paper flowers to work in as well. They'll all be displayed with little signs (in the wonderland font) with quotes from the Disney movie - they had the flowers act remarkably snarky and some of the dialogue is very witty. I just love puns.

Doesn't he look happy? I sort of wish they had "evil" google eyes, but I'm not going to spend time on it - on to the next project! Only 37 days to go, and 95% of them are booked solid!

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