Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Do you ever jury-rig something phenomenal and feel like a rock star for figuring it out? Every once in a while I do. It's never a cure for cancer or a way to make a million dollars, but I feel very smug and accomplished in my own little way.

I had one of those moments last night - I was working on creating a garland that was 8-10 feet long, based off a string of heart shaped lights I kept trying to sell in our garage sales but could never get rid of. Thank goodness, since they are PERFECT for the "Queen of Hearts" scene!

Anyways, I was having a difficult time keeping things laid out, untangled, and knowing how it would drape. My craft table was full of drying letters and blood spattered roses, and laying it across the table didn't show how it would hang on the mantle anyways. Solution:

3M hooks to the rescue! I dug up 3 of them and stuck them on the edges of my craft table. They'll come off clean without any damage, and kept everything laid out perfectly!

This made it so much easier to wrap in the floral sprays and wind the bloody knife garland around the lights - and I could see exactly what it would look like in use! SCORE!

I'm still waiting for the rest of my roses to dry:

And then I'm going to recycle some of these skeletons I sprayed gold last year and tie them on as accents:

So far I'm loving the feel - dark, dangerous, bloody, creepy - and very detailed, like everywhere you look there's another little aspect to see.

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