Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Loving You is Easy Cuz Your WONDER-ful...

Wonderland is here. In my living room, to be precise.

This could be kinda awesome.


Now I'm reaching the part of the season where I don't want to give it all away, but sharing what I'm working on is like a substantiation of my work that I can't quite give up - it's like crossing something off the "to-do" list or getting a gold star - I've come to really enjoy listing out my daily tasks and accomplishments, and when that gets people excited about the party, my head swells and I hear birds singing (that means I LOVE IT!). So, another conundrum - what to tell you????

How about I just be very abstract, I'll tell you what I've done, but not show you how it all comes together? We'll try that.

I put up 3 of these across the ceiling, and they are SO COOL!

Hung four of these bad boys:

I'm putting this skirting on the walls, and got one panel of it mounted & trimmed around the doors & windows (got a couple more to go, but it was getting crabby about sticking and I threw in the towel for a while):

And I pretty much finished the fire place decoration. Draped along the top of the the Queen of Hearts themed collage frame I added a garland of black feathers & red light up hearts. The mantle is draped with the garland I made out of playing cards with little glass chess pieces tucked inside the arches, and lots of miscellaneous candle holders & sparkly skulls. Then framing the fire place I finished the garland I was working on of blood spattered roses, red heart lights, bloody knife cut outs, and gold skeletons.

I'm dying to post a photo, but also want people to be excited to see it in person. But I could break at any moment.

I've still got a few more tricks up my sleeve for the living room, but it already looks pretty festive :) October, I'm ready for ya!

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