Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Vinegar experiment

Our driveway has a few big cracks, and growing out of those cracks WAS a few green weeds, but is now practically a bush. I've watched enough "Life After People" to know that weeds strive for world domination and were we to turn our backs for a moment too long, they'd overrun our society and tear down all our monuments and libraries. (The same show is why I'm terrified of riding the NYC subways under the rivers - it's really interesting, but only feeds your paranoia) So far I've let our weeds get a little head start (I've been busy!) but it was getting close to out of hand. Something had to be done.

I read this post on "The Long Thread" that said you could use vinegar to kill weeds in a more eco-friendly and non-Norm-poison way, so I thought I'd try that. Last night I dumped a full gallon of vinegar on the driveway, pouring it carefully down each row of green and singing a "Happy Death to You!" tune.

My driveway smells like pickles.

My clothes, shoes, and skin smell like pickles.

I really don't like pickles.

I woke up this morning sure I'd find only twisted weed carnage left....but it pretty much looks the same. Of course, the temperature dropped dramatically over night, so maybe they need to slowly cook in the sun? I forgot to snap a picture, but I'll keep you updated if this has any effect...so far I have a bad feeling I'll be stuck ripping up stinky pickled weeds.

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