Monday, June 29, 2009

Mermaid Bodice

I promise I will get back up to speed in posting my creations, I got a bit sidetracked with my excellent NYC trip, and while I still have more mermaid parade photos to post, I'll do so sporadically and interspersed with my own creations.

I thought it might be nice to highlight how my mermaid ensemble was created - though not exactly by me :) My excellent old friend, Ryan j Moller (the lower case j is intentional - look for his website coming soon!) is a costume and wig designer living in Brooklyn, and he whipped my whole look together in just hours.

The bodice was from this pattern - Simplicity 4401, a very mermaid-ish formal gown. He made view "A" but without the overlay (the overlay would be great too in a contrasting color to look like a seashell bra, but I found the beaded appliques I fell in love with). For fabric I had brought a peachy satin (it was the closest my untrained eye could find to flesh toned) and he had the brilliant idea to use the reverse side which looked so much better. It was matte, which blended much better, and also held up to the rainy conditions a lot better than a satin side would have.

He altered the shape of the back to scoop it down lower and show off more of my tattoo, but otherwise it's pretty much following the pattern. The boning made me feel supported and sucked in, not to mention kept the strapless top up really well. The appliques were just stitched on top, and voila! A very classy, non-naked, comfortable mermaid top for women of all sizes.

If you're not a fan of strapless, you could always add a pearl or jeweled tie behind the neck (view B) for more support.

A flesh-toned corset could be the base for all sorts of costumes if you prefer the illusion of a bare top without actually showing that much skin - some that spring to mind are Eve, Lady Godiva, a Vegas Show Girl, plastic surgery patient, streaker, Britney Spears, etc.

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