Saturday, August 01, 2009

Snow Globe Place Cards

Another DIY project from my own wedding: Snow Globe Place Cards!

I got mini photo snow globe kits with red foil heart glitter from Oriental Traders. They were a little slow and tedious to fill from our tiny hotel sink, but the effect was well worth it. We filled them all and let them sit for a while before putting in the inserts, and found only a couple that leaked, which was a pretty good success rate.

The inserts I created had each guest's name on one side, and a photo on the other. The photo was of a friend or relative's wedding, and these were so much fun. We ran the gamut from 1900's serious poses to 70's ruffled tux shirts to a true 80's rainbow (well, early 90's)to a couple modern-day events. A larger version of each of these pictures was framed (in a Dollar Tree crystal frame!) at the center of each table.

When people entered our reception venue, the globes were laid out with the names facing out. When a guest found their name, they looked at the other side of their snow globe and matched their photo to the one on their table.

This worked for us because we had a small (under 100 guest) reception. If you have more guests than that, you might need to post a map to direct guests to their table. Our area was small enough to see them without too much searching.

At the end of the night the snow globes functioned as a favor as well, guests could take them home and personalize with their own photo.

I loved being able to feature friends and family members on our table decor, and even while gathering the pictures we had great wedding discussions and lots of memory sharing.

To make the insert I created a template that fit my snow globes (mostly tracing then trial & error), measured out the approximate dimensions, and printed the photos in word at that exact size, careful to allow for the rounding of the upper corners. I used the cardboard template to cut out the images, and followed the same process with names. Once I had determined my table assignments, I used a small piece of double stick tape to bond the name to the table picture, and stacked them up for easier transport (our wedding was about 3 hours out of town). My bridesmaids & I assembled them the night before the wedding, and I loved the effect and the personal touch!

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