Monday, August 03, 2009

Shot Luge

The idea of a shot luge was first introduced to me by the August Bride, who in her planning came across a video of a family (including grandma) doing shots off an ice luge AT A WEDDING.

While it seemed terribly strange and inappropriate at a formal event, the temptation to try it was just to strong, so I ordered a shot luge from Ice Occasions for our Hollywood Halloween party last year.

I could not have expected the beautiful sculpture they delivered to my door! A shot luge is a slide carved from ice, you pour a shot into a groove at the top and it travels down the slide, chilling, to where you catch it at the end either in a glass (if you are being civilized or worried about germs) or in your mouth (going "frat party style" - which of course, is what we did!). Far from just the basic incline, I got a full out ice sculpture with a color-changing LED light in the base. It also came with a drain tray and hose, which emptied into a bucket behind the table.


I think every person took at least one turn on the luge (and it was kinda hard - portion control was not easy, and you sometimes got a wave of schnapps in the face. But it was entertaining both to watch and participate). We set up a full bar of options for shooters (the cream in the photo above was NOT for luging, that was brought by a guest dressed as "the Dude" from Big Lebowski who brought his own White Russian Supplies :) It's hard to find "activities" for more adult parties, this was definitely an ice breaker.


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