Saturday, August 01, 2009

A Couple More Card Boxes...

I showed my sister's card box a few posts ago, and discussed how it was similar but SO MUCH EASIER to make than mine. That's because though they were both 3-tier cake-style boxes, but I went for a smooth fabric covering that involved countless clipping, folding, and hot gluing. I think it looked okay, but took HOURS. I decorated it with blue mardi gras beads to add some texture and shine, and a plastic wedding couple on top - the cheapest one in the Wilton section of Michael's.

After mine and before my sister's, I also helped a cousin make hers out of chocolate colored satin. The silky fabric was a challenge to keep smooth but very pretty, and the square shape was slightly easier to work with than a circle. We went less for a cake look and more for a stack of presents, with a big bow on top. Her wedding was a beautiful autumn affair with the fall colors of chocolate brown, cinnamon, reds, and oranges. Gorgeous.

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