Monday, August 17, 2009

Better in Feathers

In addition to the goodie bags I described earlier, each guest at this weekend's bachelorette party got a teal blue feather boa to wear out on the town.

I love boas.

How fun do they look all hanging over the wall in our hotel suite? This is how I laid them out before everyone arrived.

If you ever really want to make an impact as a group, you can't go wrong with bright feather boas. Sure, they can be a little itchy, and expensive (which I learned while making the Bjork dress), and they leave a trail of feathers wherever you go, but it's totally worth it and often inspires free drinks.

Actually, mid way through our evening some drunk man offered me $20 for my boa, which I gladly accepted towards our bar tab!

And I just found a great new source for feather boas! has the best prices I've seen on feather boas by the dozen, and in a huge range of great colors! I found them through a google search (teal is a pretty uncommon color and hard to find in stores) and they really came through, I'd order from them again.

Since I had ordered the boas before getting a final head count, I was a little bummed to find out I was a couple short. I ran all over town trying to find a match and the best solution ended up being these multi-color boas from Party America - they had some of the teal feathers, and a few other colors, so the bride could really stand out. They were WAY more expensive than the bulk boas ($9!), but worked out in a pinch.

Much like glitter, feather boas leave a trail of "joy" behind - I'm sure housekeeping was less than thrilled at what we left all over the floor, but hey -
sometimes fashion involves sacrifice, right ladies? :)

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