Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mirror, Mirror...

This could be the start of a new craft obsession - mosaic!
Tonight was the first of my two part class at The Studio at Rush Creek making a mosaic mirror. It's actually going to be at least a 3-part class, since I'm nowhere near finished with cutting and gluing my glass tiles, and once that is done I'll learn to grout it. I've wanted to learn how to do this ever since I saw a beautiful blue and green mosaic mirror in a little artist commune in Bemidji. I bought it and gave it as a wedding gift, but always secretly wished I would have kept it.

I was inspired by my epic "leg table," my Dept. 56 coffee table with striped stockings and gold pumps - I can't seem to find a great pic of it right now, but here's what it looked like last Christmas. I like the mix of the lime green, red, and white, and decided to run with that.

Tonight we chose our glass, learned to cut it, and went to town arranging and gluing it all together. It's pretty tedious, but really exciting and kind of relaxing - I could definitely get hooked on this. And I love how it looks so far! The colors are so vibrant, it sort of reminds me of a watermelon right now. I'm going for a eclectic crystal look (rather than the squares the other girl in the class did) and I really like it.

Cutting glass is easier than I thought, but still a little painful. There were shards everywhere, and my arms are a little cut up from rubbing in it. I'm most interested in learning the grouting part - can you believe I've never done that? Maybe I'll love it and end up tiling my basement bathroom all by myself :)

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