Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm a little teapot...

Okay, as promised here are a couple of my Goodwill finds from yesterday - teapots! I've been picking these up here and there for my Wonderland party, and these two just screamed out "TAKE ME HOME!"

I haven't pulled together exactly how I'm using all of this, but I've tossed around a bunch - best costume trophies, serving pieces, or just display items - I'm still working it out. The silver one will probably shine up nicely, but I'm going to keep it dull and marred to fit into the Halloween mood - snagged it for $9.99 at the Roseville Goodwill, online they are going for TONS more! Then the smaller brass one was just $4.99 at University Avenue Goodwill - I don't think this one is functional, but I loved the shape and size.

I'll have to remember to start taking better advantage of the tag sales , but I've also learned if I like something, it'll be gone by the time I come back, so I'd better decide immediately! Prices also vary WIDELY between locations, some have teacups for $0.49, at others they are $3.99! It's a bit like treasure hunting that way, sometimes you score big, sometimes you leave with nothing.

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