Friday, August 14, 2009

Gettin' Me Some Crafty Learnin'

I'm taking a class! An actual FUN class to make a mosaic mirror like these!

I've been wanting to check out The Studio at Rush Creek for a while now, they offer a lot of different types of craft classes - everything from jewelry to painting to sculpting, you name it. Their classes seem interesting, but also a little pricey - the course fees seem to be around $12/hour and never include any of the materials - nor really price out what those materials will cost you. I have a hard time forking out $50 to make a necklace I could buy for $12, so I've never taken the leap to sign up for anything.

But this one really caught my eye. I've never done mosaics, glass cutting, or grouting before, and I'd really like to learn. Who knows, perhaps it will spark the million dollar creative career I've been waiting for? :)

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