Friday, August 14, 2009

Mmmm...Sugar coma in 3...2...ZzzZzz

I've been talking a lot lately about dangers of crafting (Xacto knives, exploding boxes of tacks, the dark side of sequins) so I thought I'd turn to the activity that takes up most of my day: work.

Now I'm an avid reader of and also not an idiot, so I won't be going into great depth about my work day routine, but I did want to point out that what appears to be a docile desk job still has hidden hazards.

Such as 3 pound bags of KitKats + Reeses PB cups (OMG, what a perfect union!), giant boxes of fruit by the foot, and tortilla chips.

then I shouldn't forget the boxes of Gobstoppers, Cheese-Its, and Saltines just out of photo range.

And the case of Cherry Dr. Pepper under my desk.


This becomes especially serious on really boring summer days with little structure. Curse you, Costco, and your jumbo junk food dealing ways!

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