Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More hidden dangers of a craftacular lifestyle...

Here's another crafting disaster I forgot I captured on film last week. I had just arrived at work and thought I was being uber responsible deciding to cover my windshield with a pop-up sun shade for the day. I reached behind the passenger seat and grabbed the folded up piece of fabric...which apparently caught itself on or was wrapped around a box of thumb tacks left over from posting fliers around campus for some philanthropy project or another. A box of hundreds of thumb tacks. New, shiny, silver thumb tacks in a hard plastic box with the closure broken off.

It rained thumbtacks.

For long time.

Tiny pointy shrapnel flew everywhere, and now my car is a minefield. Is. Present tense. Still. About a week later. Rather than actually deal with the carnage and pick up every little tack, I just snapped a few pictures and continued with my day.

Note to self: find better places to store craft supplies when toting around the car.

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Jorden and Kristin said...

oh this made me laugh so hard! Sounds like my car a lot of days! :)

thanks for entering the giveaway! Def adding you to my reader! :)