Thursday, August 06, 2009

Retro Fun for Everyone

Hello, Internet, sorry I skipped yesterday - it's not that I'm not working on projects - I am knee deep in Halloween actually - but I'm not ready to blow any surprises quite yet ;) So instead here is another diversion: MadMen Yourself!

I love these generators that don't even make you sign in or create a dumb account (and consequently get spammed forever)and this one is adorable! Here I am hanging with the gang at Sterling Cooper. You can also choose a scene from a swingin' bar, an advertising presentation, a torrid mid-day affair, or any number of other backgrounds. Quite fun.

I want to love MadMen, but so far I'm still on the fence. My inner hipster loves the aesthetic, but the storylines are still kind of stunted. There's a big premier party in MN that looks like uber retro fun - viewing, cocktails, prizes - and really isn't everything more fun in costume?. Sadly it's the day after the next bachelorette party and that's hardly ideal...Let's just say I couldn't have survived the era of 3 martini lunches.

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