Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bachlorette Bags

Okay, here are the "goodies" inside the bags I previewed earlier this week! I went pretty simple but wanted something festive for everyone to take with them. I was disappointed with the selection of "bachelorette goodies" at my local party stores and even the "adult store" I went to - they wanted $2-3 for a little weenie sucker, and over $6 for a little single serving bag of ding-dong shaped runts! No way! There were a few interesting things I found online, but by the time you added in shipping it wasn't worth it for things most people would just toss out. But I think I came up with a pretty good selection, here's what I filled each bag with:

-The infamous peanut butter cocks (chocolate & peanut butter candy suckers in a very realistic penile shape)

-Mini water bottle & individually packaged dose of Tylenol, to ward of any "party injuries"

-Blow up microphone - since we're going to a dueling piano bar, they do comedy and encourage singing along - might as well rock it all the way out! I think if nothing else they will be fun for photos.

-Ring sucker - so everyone can bling like the bride-to-be

-Cocktail umbrella bendy straw (a little umbrella makes everything more glamorous)

-Blow out noisemaker with a cartoon penis print

Each guest will also get a teal feather boa to tie the group together and glam us up :)More about those later.

Does it look like a party? Whoo hoo!

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