Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wedding Programs

I was going back through my archives looking for a post about my programs, only to find I hadn't yet blogged about them, so here they are!

This was another DIY project, fan-style wedding programs.

These were made from strips of colored card stock imprinted with our wedding logo and the ceremony details - wedding party, order of events, thank you, etc.

They were punched and secured by a heart-shaped brad, and had a tail of narrow satin ribbons. Each strip was a different shade of blue, arranged in a rainbow from darkest to light. I scoured craft stores everywhere to come up with all my shades of blue, and in the end they were perfect.

The fans folded flat for easy transport (especially to our out of town wedding)and were easy to fan out before the ceremony. We laid them on each of the chivari chairs so ushers didn't have to fumble with them when seating people, and I LOVED how they looked all laid out! It added a splash of color to the room, EVERYONE got one (as opposed to some weddings that make you share...come on people, if you want me to follow along, give me my own!)

I had a little "craft party" to assemble them prior to the wedding, my bridesmaids & soloist (and a few fruity drinks) created an assembly line and they were done in a flash!

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