Monday, August 03, 2009

BlogHer Reviews - Contest

Why don't people pay ME to do stuff like this?

Hey Corporate America, I have a bevy of loud opinions I'm just waiting to share, especially if you give me FREE stuff to review :)

Wouldn't that be a great job? Sort of like Tom Hank's in BIG, he wanders into this life where he just gets to play with things all day, and give honest feedback on what he liked and didn't like, without any of the responsibility of actually making or changing it...DREAM JOB!

We go through computers pretty quickly in my house ( of us does...and it's not me...) The hubs has lost a couple PCs to viruses, a mac to a mysterious power problem (the "geniuses" told us it was worthless to fix...ouch), and right now we both have Dell laptops. His is a mini and perfect for what he does - web searching, streaming video, email, and office functions. Its super light and he can take it anywhere. Mine is not super's actually a little heavy for all I haul it to, but I really wanted the extra battery and large screen since I do so much with photos and desktop publishing. Mine is also way faster and has more memory - it's technically built for video gaming, not that I really know what that means, but it holds a ton and is always quick. The hubs is a little slower, only has an external CD drive, and couldn't take a ton of photos or software without slowing down.

So, SINCE ACER HASN'T YET GIVEN ME A FREE COMPUTER TO TRY OUT (subject to change, of course) I'd have to say I'm really happy with our Dells. I highly suggest if you are getting one to call them and walk through the process of telling them what you use it for, and they help you "build" what you need. I've done it a few times now (helped with some family members as well) and they never try to push me into extras I don't want/need, and they have real expertise. I'd also highly recommend their service plan/warranty. As I mentioned, the Mr. is pretty hard on computers, so we hooked him up for sure - and within a month he actually had a problem (not his fault) that required a total wipe & re-installation. They CAME TO HIS WORK and did it on site, so no down time, no shipping, it was well worth the price. And I'm sure this won't be the only time we use the service :)

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