Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Wedding Down, various craft projects completed!

Good morning world, I'm back at work after a big family wedding weekend, successful in all of my personal attendant duties but one:

Not a good idea to leave the Unity Candles in the car after the ceremony.
Even on a cloudy day they apparently melt to your upholstery.

But if that is our only tragedy, I'll gladly replace a couple of taper candles :) Everything else was beautiful and went smoothly, and I think the bride & groom will agree it was another magical day. And, an extra special bonus, lil' sis gave me a very special thank you gift of a portable hard drive, so now I'll actually be able to update this more effectively as I can carry my photos between computers with ease! Thanks L! :)

Craft-wise I don't have a lot of great photos, but we collaborated on a few simple touches that really personalized the reception hall and I thought I'd share those - keep in mind that my sister and I are rumored to be complete opposites, whereas I love all things covered in glitter & jewels, she opts for a more simple and sophisticated aesthetic, and since it was her special day we all went along with that :)

The table runners were all made by my mother in a blue & white linen, it added just the right "pop" to the table which didn't have traditional centerpieces but instead a cheese & cracker display ready and waiting as soon as guests arrive. Brides, this is a great trend and so thoughtful for your guests - we'll happily wait for your grand entrance if you only just FEED US! I know I'm always tempted at weddings to grab a Happy Meal between the ceremony and reception, but my lil' sis had cheese plates and hot hors d'oeuvres waiting so we all were able to get a bite in before the wedding party even arrived!

Also on each table were two little table tents that listed the beverage options for the evening. This is another really helpful touch I'd suggest every bride & groom start doing - let us, your treasured guests, know what is going on! This simple card indicated what was hosted during the social hour (beer), during dinner (wine, milk or tea), and for the whole of the evening (soda, coffee). As a guest, I know it's always awkward to go up and ask the bartender what/if anything is hosted, and who doesn't hate paying for something only to find out you'd have been perfectly happy with what is hosted, or avoiding something altogether when you find out later there were hosted options available. Ugh. Anyways, I helped to print and assemble all of these simple cards, and I think they really helped guests know what was going on. There were two small signs on each table and two larger ones at the bar.

We also made the table numbers, pretty simple yet clear and effective. Blue numbers printed on white cardstock, cut and clipped with a corner rounder, and mounted on navy cardstock. The venue provided the stands and even set them up. Simple is nice on a busy day!

The same simple aesthetic was carried through the place cards, which also had the meal choice on the reverse for each guest. The meals were printed on clear labels for ease of application, and they worked great.

The same material used for the table runners was used to make a cake-style card box. We rocked that out in just a couple hours one afternoon, using hat boxes, rubber bands, duct tape and ribbon - amazing right!?!? For my wedding I had painstakingly cut and folded and glued fabric to get a perfect even finish, when it turns out bunching it and doing things on the quick take a fraction of the time and still looks great. Since nobody really keeps the giant box after the big day, it doesn't have to be able to endure hurricanes, and this was just right.

In lieu of a guest book, they borrowed an idea from the next bride/my maid of honor (whose wedding is now just over a month away!) and had guests sign wine bottles that they would then open on their upcoming anniversaries. This was an adorable and very practical option (who really reads their guest book?)and I think nearly every guest complied. They were set on a table as you entered the room, and then when the dinner started I went from table to table to make sure everyone had signed, and those three bottles were pretty covered by night's end! A lovely memento. Here's a crafty tip that lil' sis came up with all her own: the pens are Sharpie brand paint pens, and they were great! I exploded one getting it started, but the other 3 worked fine, and the white paint showed up great on the dark bottles (red wines).

Congrats lil' sis and new bro-in-law, and best of luck in all your upcoming adventures!

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