Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bjork World Tour: Grand Finale

In case you are new to the story, here's a little recap:
Last year for our Hollywood Halloween party I made Bjork's Swan Dress, then I tearfully sold it on Etsy, and it was bought by a wonderful young man in the Seattle area named John. John sent me an update after his first round of parties earlier in the month, and then this week sent me some great pics of how he totally rocked this dress:

He absolutely puts me to shame, but I still feel good because the costume looks GORGEOUS! Maybe he should model all of my costume choices?

I should also mention an interesting sidenote: I'd say close to 50% of my blog hits come from people all over the world searching "Bjork Swan Dress." Who knew? I've only seen a handful of other homemade costumes out there, and never run into one in person, so there must just be a lot of window shoppers who never actually realize the Bjork dream. But John did:

Here was his little email note that filled my heart with sunshine:

"I was told by many people at the parties I went to that I had the best costume! Great work! Thanks again Heather!"

I couldn't have hoped for a better buyer, and it has been so fun to see the costume get a whole new life - thanks for the updates John, and for letting me use your pics on my blog! You looked SMASHING!

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