Friday, November 13, 2009

Random Round Up/End of the Week Thoughts...

I finished 3 mosaics last night during the Vampire Diaries (I'm banished to the witch's tower for that one so hubby can watch and record Community and Bones) but I didn't take any photos - I realized it, but the thought of climbing the stairs again couldn't overcome my laziness, sorry folks. Here's one of all the glass I cut the night before - I actually made a big rainbow mirror using all of these and several more colors last night:

Now I have some SERIOUS grouting to do, like 30 projects worth or more. Boo! That's my least favorite part. This time I'll try to avoid shredding my fingertips. Maybe gloves.

And speaking of mosaics, remember today is the last day to enter my blog giveaway! I know many more of you have stopped on my page than have entered, so go the extra mile and leave a comment on this post. It'll make me feel loved, and you could win a mosaic photo frame to keep or re-gift! Be sure to include your name & a method of contact so I can tell you if you win - and spread the word!

And to add to the randomness of this post, here's another few things I'm in want of today:

4' adjustable height folding table - which goes from kid height (useless) to normal height (useful) to COUNTER height (aka out of dog's reach height) which I would LOVVVVVVVE to have.

Vintage-inspired "flapper hat" at plasticland. Could I pull it off? Probably not. Would I love to try? Of course!

Adorable little retro robot necklace, also at plasticland. I don't particularly have a robot "thing" but lately I'm thinking they're way cute. Ditto these glass ornaments .

True Blood Season II - this isn't released yet, but they're taking pre-orders on Amazon. I do have all of the Season II episodes saved on our satellite, but I most like to watch them while I'm crafting upstairs (not hooked up to the satellite), so I'm anxious for the DVDs to come out.

I'll draw for the mosaic tomorrow, so get your comments in! Happy Weekend.

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Alison said...

I love that hat too, but I know I wouldn't be able to pull it off.