Monday, October 05, 2009

Bjork World Tour - Costume Update

So you'll remember that I made a fabulous Bjork Swan Dress for our Hollywood Halloween Party last year, and then tearfully sold her on Etsy this fall.

I'm feeling MUCH better about our parting since the buyer is sending me little "updates" on her "status" - I won't post the photo he sent since I haven't asked permission and a TON of my web traffic comes from people searching "Bjork Swan Dress" (SERIOUSLY - and not just around Halloween, this is one of the major searches that helps people find my blog - crazy, right?), but just know he looks much better than I did in it - it's okay, I'm used to being out-feminized by drag queens, and this guy is adorable. He's also getting good use out of her, wearing the costume to several events this season - the first of which was this past weekend.

Here's his message:

"Well, I was a total hit at the red carpet themed party. ...It was really fun hearing everyone's reaction. Everyone LOVED it.Since it was a red carpet party a lot of other people thought aboutdoing the same thing but didn't have the time/energy/money to pull it off. So, thanks to you I was a star for a [night]. Bravo! :)...I'll be taking it out again for Halloween in Seattle! Thanks again! ~John"

Awww, what a great little warm fuzzy for a Monday morning!

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