Saturday, November 14, 2009

And the Winner Is...


Congrats Holly, and thanks for continually reading my blog and cheering on my crafty endeavors. I appreciate your support!

I'll send you an email this weekend with several frames for you to choose from :)

Here's how it was determined:

First, I went to and used the "list randomizer" to sort all of the entries - two for Jennifer (she mentioned my contest on her blog), and one for everyone else.

Here's how it laid everyone out "randomly":
1. Joanna
2. Mara
3. Jennifer
4. Jennifer
5. Carin
6. Beth
7. Queen of Clearance
8. Holly
9. Alison
10. Jana

Then I used the "true random number generator" to choose the winner from that list, and here's what it gave me:

#8 = Holly, whose comment read:
I might be one of you biggest fans! I check your blog 2-3 times a day!! It amazes me how creative you are. I love everything you do. A few of my favorites are your aprons you sew (I use the one your made me all the time : ) I like your choice in fabric nice and bright! I also really liked the big X-mas colored mirror mosaic. With all my friends having babies I am for sure making your baby face cookies. They were adorable! Keep up the great blogging!!

Could she be any sweeter? Thanks to Holly and all my readers, I'll try to keep it up!

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