Friday, November 20, 2009

Good Source for Party Supplies - Taymark

Taymark is the company behind M&N International, and about a million other catalogs hocking the same stuff but targeted at different audiences. They're headquartered in White Bear Lake, and every Thursday they have a little retail store open with overstocks and super-clearanced stuff. It's COMPLETELY hit or miss, sometimes 100% junk, but sometimes there are great deals. The giant paper daffodils I used for Wicked Wonderland were a big score there - just $1.25 each a few years ago. One day I was there and a mom picked up 15 rhinestone tiaras for a little girl's birthday party, I think they were under $4 each, which is a HUGE deal and what a fun princess party favor that would be!

They're usually only open 10am - 4pm, kind of difficult for those of us in the working world (I've tried to make it there and back in my lunch break a few times, it's rarely successful. Oops!), but in preparation for the holidays they have a few days of extended hours - Thursday December 3rd & 10th they are open 10am - 6pm, much better!

They are located:
4875 White Bear Parkway
White Bear Lake, MN 55110 - it's a huge industrial building with a big sign above the outlet entrance.

One more caveat: it's CASH ONLY, don't forget! There is no ATM anywhere near.

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Mindy said...

so... it's like Axe man for girls??? Sounds great!!!