Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another Blog Gem for You - Regretsy

I LOVE Etsy, I've said it before, but like any commerce site it has it's fair share of "WTF?" moments too. "Artwork" that looks like children's scribbles listed for thousands of dollars, fugly clothing nobody should wear, and way too many people who were inspired by "The Vagina Monologues."

This is where Regretsy comes in.

My dear friend and possible fellow Internet time-waster, Al, shared this link with me and it is HEEEEEE-larious! They round up the best of the worst Etsy has to offer, and riff on them appropriately.

Such is the case with Granny's Miley Cyrus outfit above. Egads people. Who is going to have nightmares about this? To make it it one sin, but then to MODEL it!?!?! That might be unforgivable...

Sadly, this extra attention often results in the awful artists making huge sales! Oh no! They have a whole page of their site showing items they've featured that are now SOLD.

***But for some high-class appropriate for all ages handmade art, don't forget to enter my blog contest by Friday - read and comment on this post!***

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