Sunday, November 29, 2009

Craft FLOP

I started the day with hopeful enthusiasm:

this was particularly notable as I had to wake up well before dawn, and after a night of painful restless heartburn (Ryan made me eat 3 lbs of cheese last night. It's a long story). So anyways, I found the Eagan Community Center, and got my booth set up quickly - and I kinda think it's cute too :)

I made my first sale!

I was really surprised at which one it was, not that it wasn't pretty, just not a very elaborate piece - forest green and mirror glass in a very random arrangement.

And that is where the good news ENDS.

Big frowny face here. :(

The show was a total flop. I'm extremely disappointed, not to mention far into the red. Boo, fail, hiss!

It wasn't that I in particular did poorly, it was just a bum show. Hardly any browsers, and even fewer shoppers. It was also a fairly weird show - a few red flags I could have taken more seriously:

*spelling errors on the promoter's website (there instead of their REPEATEDLY - seriously, who does that!?!?!)

*inconsistent listing of the times, booth sizes, and other show info

*lack of email from promoter, despite website saying they would send one with the set up info - my email inquiry went unanswered, and when I asked about it at check in I got a snotty answer that "emailing me would increase the show fees." Uh, WTF?

I think I've made an easy decision about further shows with this company. I never saw any advertising, and the show itself had no quality control. There are a million jewelry vendors, TWO Usborne vendors (such a no no to have the same exact COMPANY! EEK!), and a whole bunch of non-craft CRAP - seriously. We're talking home decor JUNK that people must have purchased really haphazardly and are re-selling like a flea market, along with a bunch of home party businesses and not one but TWO chiropractors. This is not a craft fair, this is a crap fair. I'm embarassed.

And I'm broke. At least I wasn't tempted to buy anyone else's crap :)

Here's hoping that Roseville will be better next weekend! That's a longstanding show in a great (close to my home) location, it's a fundraiser for the nature center, and it's strictly limited to ALL HOMEMADE CRAFTS. I'm really hopeful that it will be a much better show, and at least I don't have to struggle to comeup with more inventory!

I suppose something amazing could happen in my next hour and a half sitting here bored (thank goodness the hubby was kind enough to bring lunch & my laptop, or I'd be scratching my eyes out). But I'm not optimistic. Better luck next time I guess.

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