Saturday, November 28, 2009

Visit me at the Eagan Community Center Sunday 9am - 4pm!

I am once again up entirely too late for someone headed off to a craft show in just a few hours, but it's been a jam-packed weekend. Ryan and I made mischief all day, I ordered new cute glasses (gotta spend the rest of my flex plan ASAP), finished up as many mosaics as I could (ran out of grout, and my large stands are sitting at UPS, so the big mirrors never got done - oh well, next weekend I have another show), packed up the car, hit a birthday party, and now I'm wondering what I forgot to put together for my big long day tomorrow. Hopefully nothing too huge. I will be sure to take LOTS of photos, and please keep your fingers crossed that it is a worthwhile show! It's really hard to know what to expect in another community, a Sunday show, this big holiday weekend - so many strange factors. I'll be happy just to cover my table rental, so let's aim for that. Wish me luck!

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