Monday, November 23, 2009

Speedy Delivery... (I hope!)

I am currently waiting for a great many things to come in the mail, which is one of life's great delights. When I lived in the remote wilderness of Northern Minnesota, I fully admit to making rash eBay purchases only to ensure I'd receive fun packages in the mail. Thus explains why I was always broke despite working 80 hours a week :)

A couple of the things I'm waiting for:

My gallon of weldbond glue.
I'm sorta at a standstill as far as making more mosaics, so I probably won't finish many more before my first show - I still have some grouting and lots of polishing to do, in addition to figuring out my display. But with back-to back shows two weekends in a row, I definitely should get working on more inventory!

And two of these stands for my mosaic sales booth:

They're a bit more ornate than I'd like, but they seem sturdy enough to hold my heavy mirrors and display them upright (kind of struggling with how to best showcase everything) plus they were on "mega closeout" for just $29! (Shipping was nearly as much for each one - dang giant things!). I really hope these come by Sunday, I need to figure out how I'm setting everything up, wrap it all in bubble wrap and stuff it in my car - that's a huge project in itself!


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