Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wicked Wonderland: More Awesome Guest Costumes

I'm still slowly acquiring permissions to show you all of the FANTASTIC costumes my Halloween guests showed up in - I've said it before, but I was really blown away. Everyone really went all out, and they looked AWESOME! Here are a few more who have allowed me to feature their creativity:

Grant, as The White Rabbit

He's holding Earl Grey vodka he made himself - how perfect for a tea party! This costume got a little hot during DDR, but it's pretty wicked under blacklight:

Ben & Susan as Sonny & Cher (I honestly love these outfits, and would wear them daily if I were this pair):

Brooke as the Dutchess with her Pig Baby, and Rob as The Carpenter:

Brooke made her hat from scratch, and I'm totally impressed - how cool is that? And Rob apparently came up with his costume at the VERY last minute, but totally pulled it off! It's kinda freaky how much he looks like the Disney character from The Walrus and the Carpenter:

"Oysters, little oysters!"

I'm hoping to have a few more to feature soon, keep checking back :)

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