Thursday, November 12, 2009

Packing It In...

I finally made some progress putting away all of the Halloween gear I hauled out for the party - 7 big totes all packed away for another year. I get a lot of questions about how/where I store it all in the "off season", so I thought I'd show you. I use Rubbermaid totes:

They don't all match, since they change the colors all the time and I pick them up randomly as I need more/can afford them, and they're not even all the same size, but they have always worked for me. I've lived in places with wet basements, bugs, mice - and never had a problem with the items I've stored in totes. I have a friend whose basement flooded twice and totes really saved her belongings. They're actually on sale this week at Target too - around $5-$6 for most sizes.

I pack up all my goodies and label the outside with what's in each one - just an index card and some packing tape. I can easily remove and re-label them each year if I change up what I have, or just how I'm organizing it. Here's one I packed up tonight:

I try to keep like items together, so one whole tote is "wearables" - wigs, gloves, costume accessories, etc. Another one is all lights and lightbulbs. One of the larger ones is Halloween dishes & serving pieces. And new this year, one is all styrofoam heads - you can fit 7 heads in one 20 gallon tote, in case you were wondering :) The hubby especially requested I get them put away - they've been piled on the porch since Halloween, and we've both scared the bejesus out of ourselves seeing these "people" looking out our windows!

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