Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Pause in the Action...

I ran myself out of glue and had to stop mosaic-ing for a while. I knew I was getting close, but I kept hoping to find my adhesive somewhere local, and that hasn't worked out. I got the first bottle up in Maple Grove, but I think I'll just order my next batch off Amazon - save an annoying trip through the most awful traffic in the metro.

I use "Weld Bond," and none of the chain stores around me seem to have it - I've checked Target, Michael's, Joann's, Menard's - none of them carry it. I'm lax to try something else when I know how well this works, so good thing tomorrow is payday and I can put in an order!

I did get a lot done tonight though, first I picked up D-rings at Michael's, after consulting with their framing department and determining what would be best to hang my heavy mirrors. they're pretty easy to secure, just measure and drill.

I got four boards set up - the two long thin ones actually have 3 rings on the back, so they can be hung either horizontally or vertically:

One of them I'm halfway finished with, got the center mirror and a cool border of jagged mirror tiles:

I'm going to go with red for the rest of it, and I cut all the tiles for the edges & most of the center while I'm waiting for glue:

But before it ran out, I also got a 2nd jumbo mirror started - these are 18" x 24":

And I cut a bunch more glass:

Just 11 days till my first show, hopefully I can get 4-8 of these large mirrors done by then too!

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