Sunday, November 08, 2009

If you are chilly...

Hey world, here it is - my official 300th post! Don't forget to help me celebrate by signing up for my giveaway here.

I did zero crafting today, in fact I didn't do much of anything! I didn't even get dressed or out of bed till 6pm. It's still Halloween in both of our bathrooms (one even has faux blood dripping down the mirror and toilet), and the guest bedroom is the staging area for everything I've taken down but not packed away. We might have a very "unique" Thanksgiving at this rate!

But I do have one major accomplishment to share: yesterday while I was out and about running errands, I made a point to stop at the Goodwill. For just $64 I got a tall collapsible shelf for my mosaic sales, two brand new glass mixing bowls (sorry Tupperware, but glass is more dishwasher friendly), and a WHOLE NEW FALL WARDROBE, WOOT WOOT!

I picked up EIGHT sweaters for just $5-6 a piece! What a deal! I headed home, ripped off all the tags, and threw the whole bunch in the wash right away. Now I finally have something to wear to work this fall and winter. I love the simplicity of sweaters, how you can dress them up or down so easily with a necklace and slacks or jeans and sneakers, and since I'm usually always chilly, they're super practical. It's no secret that after a summer full of weddings and throwing a huge Halloween bash, my budget is a little destroyed - with the holidays still to come :( but now I'm set for the winter with more than a week of outfits for less than the cost of 1 sweater new. Major SCORE!


Alison said...

I'm pretty sure you had that sweater with the three blue stripes in college. Maybe it's the same one. :)

awesomevegan said...

I love thrift stores! I find the coolest things in there.

HeatherEve said...

Al - it's really similar! But I know it's not the same one because that sweater shrank and I definitely grew :)

Yay for wearing a "new" sweater today!