Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cyber Sunday - much more productive and less frustrating than Cyber Monday

Whew! Once again I have little to show you, but much accomplished! So instead I'll intersperse my commentary with more pics from our fall shoot with Olivia. Like this one:

While my usual Sunday scenario involves all-day-pjs and lamenting how much I have to do, today I actually took some action and knocked that list out of the park!

We were having friends over in the afternoon, so hubs and I got up and gave the house a good scrub down, possibly the first one since Halloween and a nice head start on our Thanksgiving preparations (can you believe that is just 4 days away?!?!). Thanksgiving is also Norm's unofficial birthday - he'll be 9 people years old this week!

We spent the afternoon watching True Blood and working on Heritage Makers projects, , and boy did I make progress! I finished and ordered our holiday cards, a calendar, a bracelet, and three more scrapbooks! WOW!

Then I knocked out 1/3 of my Xmas shopping - without leaving my house - which is also AWESOME! Remember there's only a month left for that now too!

All in all, an excellent day, and the weekend is saved :) We still have a lot of cleaning and cooking to do before Thursday, but I'm definitely looking forward to a few days off (Thursday - Sunday) - and my first craft fair (Sunday) - and seeing RYAN again (yay for "business" trips to MN!)

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