Thursday, November 12, 2009

Because I'm Punny...

English majors are required to be amused by wordplay. We may not be employable, but we're witty. Here are the little cards I made to help recruit kids to one of the teams I coach - they're "smartie pants:"

The back of the card has the tagline "Someone told us you're a Smartie Pants..." and then a little "rah rah, join us" paragraph.

I set them up in PowerPoint, the photos of pants are all downloaded free from Microsoft Office or google images, I tried to pick unique and sort of crazy designs. They're printed on cardstock for stability, 8 to a page, cut with a paper cutter, and clear tape holds the candy roll to the leg.

Are they cute? If nothing else, it's free candy :) I don't expect the kids to complain.

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