Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Snaptotes Coupon Code for You!

I got an exciting little package in the mail yesterday, my Snaptotes affiliate cards! You'll remember snaptotes from my post about my adorable bucket bag and new clutch (which I am LOVING more than I ever expected and using EVERY day!). I get comments on these wherever I go, and just in time for the holidays, I can save you $$ on your order!

I'm an official ambassador of the Snaptotes products, enter my code when you order for 10% off: 7Fairbanks10

You can also order giftcards like the super cute "bucket bag box" that got me started - thanks again, Mom, what a great Christmas gift that was!

They have lots of different shapes and sizes, you can customize one or both sides, and choose your liner color, and their quality is unmatched. I'm just DYING to get our new family photos back from Olivia, and who knows, I just might have to treat myself to another bag for my big 3-0! :)

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