Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tips & Tricks: Wicked Wonderland Costume Awards

Last year for the Hollywood Halloween theme I did the super cute Mummy Barbie Oscars for costume awards, and gave out Best Couple, Best Costume, and Most Original. This year since the theme was such a focus and our guest list grew (attendance doubled!) I added an award, and ended up giving out 4 prizes - Best Couple or Team, Best Wonderland Costume, Best Costume on This Side of the Looking Glass (non-wonderland theme) and Most Original.

I used the image from the invites of me as the Cheshire Cat, and used Powerpoint to add text - with my old standby, the Wicked Wonderland font, "Saved As" JPEGS, and printed as photos so I got a perfect 5" x 7" size. Here's what they looked like:

I went to my old standby, the Dollar Tree, to snag some cheap frames and settled on some simple wood ones with a silver aged patina. I trimmed the photos, slapped them in the frames, and voila! The text was a little close to the edges so the frame cut off a small part, but I was out of time and just went with it. :) Can't be perfect all the time, and let's face it - people aren't going to keep them forever.

I paired each of the frames with an Alice in Wonderland tea party gift that I picked up at HomeGoods and Marshalls. The couple awardees got a tea pot and two tea cups with saucers. The rest got two mugs with matching ceramic spoons. They were beautifully illustrated, came in adorable little lunchbox-type packages, and I just tied a big blue bow on the handles for an accent.

Here's a peek at the mug set:

I think they're really cute, and everyone can use a mug :) All the winners seemed quite flattered and impressed, and boy did they earn their awards! If I can get permission from the winners, I'll feature their amazing costumes here as well...I was totally blow away by the creativity!

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