Monday, November 09, 2009

How Bizarre...

I've been looking around for a craft fair to fill the space I bowed out of this Saturday, and in my search I requested info on one being held at a local church. It came with a list of clarifications regarding what was and was not allowable (goofy in itself, but whatever), but that's not the part that had me rilling on the floor with laughter - this is too good not to post. Other than the XXX's I've put in to obscure the name, this is verbatim what I received:

Holiday Bizarre Guidelines
We at XXX Church are glad to host you and this Holiday Bizarre and hope we can make your day run smoothly and give you a true sense of feeling welcome. This being a church, however, we do have several guidelines that need to be followed.
-Nothing can be sold or depicted of a political nature
-Nothing can be sold or depicted of a religious nature including astrological symbols
-There can be no palm readers, psychics, or anyone of a similar nature represented
-Smoking, alcoholic beverages, and drugs are prohibited on the premises
-This is a family event and therefore nothing of an “adult” nature is allowed. Therefore any artwork containing nudity, adult language, anything of a sexual nature, or adult subject matter should not be displayed or sold.

XXX Director of Worship Ministries

The best part is that the author wasn't even the one who sent it out - so this little note made it through at least two people without catching the MAJOR error in wording. Definitely sounds like a bizarre bazaar :)

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