Friday, November 20, 2009

A very pretty pair...

My mother had a present waiting for me on her kitchen table when I swung by her house last night - these ADORABLE Betsey Johnson socks! I <3 them so much! The grey pair has black spider webs and sparkly pink spiders, and the pink pair has black spiders dangling from webs, and orange details. Spectacular!

I actually wear knee socks almost every day, I've decided they're much more fun, easier to match up in the laundry, and since I'm lazy about shaving my legs (much to the hubby's dismay) they provide excellent coverage :) Today I have royal blue with turquoise apples on. They don't in any way match my jeans & maroon top, but who cares! Nobody sees them except myself anyways, with pants being so long and my merrells covering all of my feet.

Mom scooped this pretty pair (2 pair actually) up for $6 at Marshalls - I might just have to see if they have any more!

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Alison said...

Those are adorable! What a good mom! :)