Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shamelessly Coveting

I'm window shopping today via the world wide web. There are no shortage on things I would love to "add to my cart." In particular, today I'm stuck on some big ticket items:

A film scanner. This one is on sale this week at Costco but the reviews make me nervous - half of the people LOVE it, and the other half HATE it - there's little in between. I would really like to get all of my childhood negatives scanned from my mother sometime - a film scanner seems a lot easier than taking all of the printed photos out of their albums and running them through a scanner. Hmmm.

One of these great retro halter dresses from AudreyAndGrace - aren't they to die for? This would be worth shaving my legs for. Then I need someone to invite me to a great swanky New Year's Eve party so I can actually wear it. Did I mention this is $150, and that doesn't include the petticoat? I guess my mother was right when she said "You have to suffer to be beautiful."

A Yudu personal screen printing machine. I have always wanted to burn my own screens and print T-shirts and other apparel, and with this home kit it's easy. It's also $239 at Costco, so I won't be getting one anytime soon. And Michael's doesn't let you use the 40% off coupons on them, just an FYI. Sigh.

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Ryan Moller said...

come to my house for new years = and ill make you the halter dress...just and offer