Monday, November 02, 2009

Vendor Review: (Not So) Fun Jumps Entertainment

I should probably start with all the fun good amazing parts of the party, but I think I need to get this part off my chest first. So please bear with me, I'm pretty angry.

I just got off the phone with Fun Jumps Entertainment, where I rented the Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Game from for the party, and boy am I steamed. I was lukewarm on them after the party experience, but wouldn't have outright rejected them until I just had a conversation with a total asshole - who happens to be the rental manager.

Here's the highlights -

The kid comes to deliver, and doesn't have a power cord. After much calling back to the mother ship and digging through boxes, he asks if I have an old computer cord, so I take time out to go dig through the attic and come up with it (miracle). Classy. Their response? "The kid offered to go to Best Buy and get one if you didn't have one." Uh, okay, so I guess that it's fine to take up my time like that on the day I'm clearly hosting a big event?

#2: The photo clearly shows the monitor is on a stand. This apparently does not exist. They set the TV ON THE FLOOR. How the F!@# would that work? Their (rental manager's) response when I complained? "We delivered it the next day to another family and those people weren't upset there wasn't a stand, they had a table."

WTF??? Uh, someone else didn't mind the half - complete set up, so I'M in the wrong? Logic has gone awry...

#3: The first foot pad wasn't working. The second one is visibly broken with a piece out of alignment. At my prodding, they switch out the non working one and fix the broken one. But apparently you have to ask special for that. I didn't even bring that up with the rental manager, seeing as our conversation was going so well...

#4: The glitches. If you were there, you saw it - I have 50 witnesses that the game kept locking up and flashing a "quick menu." Their response: "Last week we had someone rent a bounce house, and after they claimed the blower wasn't working. The neighbor happened to be a friend of ours and let us know the guy was lying just to get it for free."

Wow, awesome, call me a liar, that's super endearing.

and then "we have an on call tech person, our policy is to call immediately and they'll fix it."
Nice idea, but seriously, I'm supposed to stop my party, get on the phone, call these people, and wait for them to come out? I barely had time to EAT, let alone sit on a phone with tech support! They also told me that the angelic "people the next day" never complained about the machine. So that apparently re-enforces that I'm making it all up?

And the kicker: I paid a deposit months ago on my check card, then when they called to schedule the delivery I asked them to take the 2nd payment out of a different card - they said "no problem." Low and behold when I check my account yesterday, they've taken the $$ out of my check card and overdrawn my account. Fabulous. Their response: "I always tell my customers the 2nd payment is taken out the day before (uh, right, that's when I talked to your company and gave them the new card) and the person on the phone doesn't know what accounting does." Uh, how is that my problem that your right hand doesn't know what the left is doing?

They've assured me that they did void the charge and re-rang on the correct card, but we'll see. I was feeling mediocre about the company after the rental, but now after my little "chat" with the rental MANAGER, I'm livid. All he did was get defensive and rude and even after I asked SEVERAL times if he was going to listen to my experience, he still had to butt in and refute everything I said. Total customer service FAIL in my book. How hard would it have been to just shut up, listen, and apologize? Even if your policy isn't to refund or discount, that shouldn't prohibit you from BEING A NICE PERSON.

Okay, end rant - and I'll talk more about the game later - which was fun when it was working, and I was able to jury-rig the monitor on to a table so it could mostly be seen. And the rest of the party went great, and I have lots of recipes and anecdotes and decorating ideas to share. But suffice it to say I would NEVER recommend Fun Jumps Entertainment to anyone, and they will not be getting my business in the future.

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