Thursday, October 01, 2009

Wonderland Costume Round Up: Alice!

Okay, we've reached that time again, here's my ideas and inspiration found across the web to help you build your Halloween look. This week someone asked me for help with an Alice costume, so here you are - little miss thing herself, the star of the show, can be interpreted in SO many different ways:

Party City has 2 "Alices" for sale, first this is "Magic Mushroom Alice"
She's 49.99, but I'm just not feeling it. Sort of a mash up of dorothy/goldilocks/the Swiss Miss and every other character in a blue dress you can make slutty. If you've got great legs and want to explain what you are all night, go for it.

Their other offering makes a little more sense to me:

This is "Miss Wonderland", and yeah, its another corset & short skirt, but at least it's more easily identifiable. In my literal mind it doesn't make sense that Alice is wearing card suits, but whatever - it's an interpretation of the theme. $49.99, doesn't include the stocking. Also available in plus.

I've ordered online from before and it seems to have worked out - nothing is really returnable, so its a bit of a gamble, but that's how it goes with Halloween. They have the two costumes above, and also about a million others - again, most of these don't include the stockings, crinoline, or shoes, so read carefully:

This is the "Alice Peasant Dress" for $39.99. It's still a short/tight version of Alice, but seems more "true" to her style.

This one looks like it offers slightly more coverage

The "Wonderland Cutie" $56.99 but doesn't include the knee hi stockings OR the petticoat.

Another option - this one is un-cleverly named "Alice in Wonderland Alice Adult Costume":

Looks like a shiny material, and some butchered version of a quote on the apron. $44.99

If you really want to look like a porn star, you need this VINYL version:
Yup, I really did say vinyl. And boobilicious. And spendy - you'll have to shell out $96.99 to look this cheap - buy hey, it's nice to have options.

This one is called "fantasy Alice" and is 2 pieces, so you can show off your stomach too. Is it bad that I always picture outfits like this on a hairy beer bellied man? But if you have the body, this one has a nice price tag - just $36.99 (no hat)

Here's another one they call "Miss Wonderland," but I think it looks like a confused french maid. $34.99

Remember, I also gave a few non-slutty Alice options in my previous post here.

If you'd like a compromise between buying a complete costume and making one, how about buying (or digging out of your closet) a blue dress, and topping with a simple white apron? Aprons are EASY to make, with a pattern or not, and even a basic sewer could accomplish it. Here's someone who went that route:

Here's a tutorial including pattern #'s on how to make your own Alice with several possibilities.

Look, it's an Alice with a Corset, but she's not at all skanky! Amazing what class a few more inches of skirt can bring :) Isn't this lovely?

Hope that gives you some more ideas :)

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Brooke said...

Don't forget about the "Malice in Wonderland" costume, which I actually think goes well with the Wicked Wonderland theme.